Search Engine Reputation

Online Search Engine Reputation: when, what and how to proceed?

When to use SEO to defend Search Engine Reputation and how to proceed to obtain the result?

There are very specific cases to understand if using an SEO strategy. It is the most efficient way to act in defense of the online reputation of a person and a company.

Let’s see them together!

Online Reputation on Google: you have it too!

Every day you look for answers to your daily needs, on search engines like Google.

You are primarily looking for information about people, companies, services and products.

What you find on page 1 will help you immediately form an opinion on the subject and consequently decide whether to buy, whether to trust or not.

That’s why it’s so important to know what Google shows about you when people like you want to know about you.

What most influences your judgment is the quality of information that appears, but even before the order of appearance.

In fact, as you know, the 1st page of Google is the most visible and + 98% of users do not go to look at the second page.

If your first search results are going to be newspaper articles with negative news about you, then you have a big problem.

An employer, a journalist, a client, a friend, an investor, a partner, a salesman, and so on, will have bad thoughts about you and your professional and personal life will surely suffer.

Don’t worry there are solutions! It means you can defend your reputation online.

How to defend your online reputation

There are two types of approaches to follow to defend the online reputation of a person and a company:

1) IT – communication – legal approach: for cases of bad reputation where it is possible to proceed by legal means, basing the analysis of the case and the entire strategy on hybrid skills in the fields of information technology, communication and jurisprudence.

2) IT approach – communication:  for cases of damaged reputation but without the possibility of being able to intervene through legal channels but only with IT and communication skills.

Right to be forgotten: to defend the Reputation by legal means

The fastest method to intervene in the defense of the digital reputation of a person or a company, occurs when there are the legal conditions to assert one’s rights of defense.

On average, very fast intervention that must always be weighed in all the consequences that a legal act can give rise to.

In this regard, the analysis before the intervention is not only legal but also IT and communication as the problem to be solved directly impacts on the reputation and all the implications must be considered to protect and enhance the image of the subject in the best possible way and not worsen it. .

Reputation defense counseling aims at mediation with the reputational antagonist (when possible and when it is advisable) thus avoiding confrontation in courts whose timing is never certain.

The specific cases that can be dealt with by legal means are for example:

– judicial proceedings with acquittal, acquittal and filing of the case

-violation of privacy, personal data published on the web, including name and surname

– embarrassing content or outdated videos, images and others that depict the person against his will

The main rights can be:

the right to be forgotten: the  right to be forgotten by search engines, due to obsolete facts that have lost their newsworthiness

defamation:  the right to remove false and public information that damages the image of the person and / or company

right to privacy:  right to protect the personal data of a person in any circumstance, also on the basis of the GDPR (European regulation on the protection of personal data of 2018)

There are also rights linked to the aforementioned issues that are related and that serve to defend reputation, such as the right to be updated, cancellation of incorrect or no longer current information of Search Engine Reputation, the right to digintà, image, personal identity.

Despite the legal intervention that will be successful. It is highly recommended to act with a campaign to enhance the online reputation of the person or company. To protect against future unfortunate events and to recover the past.

Online SEO Reputation of Search Engine Reputation: Pros vs Cons

Reputation in Google.

When it is not possible to proceed with the defense of the online reputation by legal means ( right to be forgotten. privacy, defamation ) there is a way of enhancing the digital identity of the subject.

Enhancing the digital presence of a person or a company means designing and creating large quantities of useful and positive content for users, capable of influencing the search engine. To show this positive content first, decriminalizing negative content of Search Engine Reputation.

Search Engine Reputation

This is a very refined strategy that is also recommended for delicate cases. Where it is not recommended to take the situation head-on with legal advice.

SEO Technique

Through this SEO technique, or positioning on search engines. Digital public relations, personal branding, the expectations are to mitigate the reputational damage but not eliminate it forever of Search Engine Reputation.

Years of bad reputation or mismanagement do not disappear in a short time and do not disappear forever.

So if you are in one of these cases, you need to know that you have to be very patient. Be prepared to settle for small progress, achieved with difficulty and in the long run. Besides, what choice do you have?  

So what are the pros? 

When you have no hope of defending your reputation by legal means. You can enhance your image with video content, photos, texts and others you can in the long run.  Mitigate the Search Engine Reputation damage and recover your digital dignity.

What are the cons?

It takes a long time, you have to be satisfied with reducing the damage and not eliminate it forever permanently. You have to invest a lot of resources Search Engine Reputation in a reputational. The project of this type but it is always worthwhile.

How to understand Search Engine Reputation which solution is right for you

So how to understand which solution is the most suitable?

You must provide accurate information to reputation specialists:

-details on any concluded or ongoing judicial processes

– collect the links on which the harmful contents Search Engine Reputation are loaded (photos, videos, web pages, online articles)

– be available to tell any information requested by the specialist as each element. It will be used for the evaluation of the best intervention strategy.

The best solution is to act on all points of view: legal, IT and communication and this is the main reason why a law firm alone is not effective, a communication Search Engine Reputation agency alone is not enough and above all it is necessary to contact to a varied network specialized in digital reputation issues.

Protecting Search Engine Reputation: 3 things to always do

1) monitor your digital presence by doing  ego surfing

2) identify the negative contents copy and paste them in a word that can be sent to a specialist

3) contact a certified E-Reputation Manager with a university course and a multidisciplinary. Team specialized only in cases of reputational defense and strengthening

4) be wary of simple law firms or communication agencies that improvise reputation services

5) prefer reputation defense services with obligation of Search Engine Reputation result. Or pay only upon achievement of the objective, in case of success. Without advances and hidden costs.